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Exclusive Products & Services

Take a look below at the services & products that we provide at TW Consulting.

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The Student Success Program is designed to give a child the support he or she needs throughout the school day, whether the support is academic, social or behavioral. The intent is to build on individual strengths to help students achieve positive goals and improve well-being. Social-emotional skills gained through our building block strategies have positive effects on academic success and school climate.

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I C.A.N.

The I C.A.N. program is focused on providing leadership training with a unique emphasis on character development, entrepreneurship skill-building, and homework assistance. Our program is customizable to meet the specific needs of each school or organization we work with, and we prioritize social and emotional learning (SEL) in all aspects of our curriculum. By keeping kids engaged in a safe and structured environment, we aim to empower them to be their best selves while also giving back to their communities.

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iTrack is an innovative software designed for support staff and administrators. iTrack gives schools a central location to view all student data. iTrack can also be customized for each school.



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