Taz is the author of "The Game That Almost Broke Me." He grew up in Tuscaloosa Alabama. As a youth Taz was kicked out of public schools, he changed when he began to reflect on his actions and made the decision to take control of his life. Throughout the past decade he has demonstrated tremendous success working with at-risk youth as they progress through their high school experience and prepare for a post-secondary plan.



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Our goal is to help elementary, middle and high schools implement a proven evidence-based system with proven strategies to build confidence and success for at-risk  students for improved performance in school. Our services are set up to intersect and tie together key areas to improve the overall success in the classroom and beyond.

Our Focus

  • Empowering  Students

  • Maximizing Student Success

  • Providing Consistent Support

  • Bridging the Gap Between Home and School 

  • Increasing Student Engagement

  • Social Emotional Intelligence

  • Increasing Student Achievement

  • Removing Barriers

  • Academic Growth

  • Reducing Dropout Rates

  • K-12/9-12 Alignment


Your Strategy

By learning about your school or district level needs and goals, we’ll work with you to customize a roadmap including online or in-person training, implementation guidance, coaching and ongoing support.


We are committed to your success. We will execute a plan together that provides you with a system and process to support your goals for at-risk students. While providing reliable data that demonstrates the effectiveness and impact of the implementation. You can measure the impact across individual schools and the district.


Schedule a time to talk with TWC about your personalized needs at the school or district level. Our number one priority is to listen first and understand your challenges, and goals. We will share potential options and solutions.


We can’t talk about change and continue to provide inadequate education and support for our kids. Generations are being impacted.

“I had the opportunity to work with Taz for over five years. Taz’s

extraordinary communication skills, patience and tremendous work ethic are a compliment to his understanding and appreciation for organizational leadership. His approach and method to ensuring student success can and should be replicated in other educational organizations seeking to help students reach their greatest potential.”

-Ryan R., PH.D. (Former Superintendent)

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iTrack is an innovative software designed for support staff and administrators. iTrack gives schools a central location to view all student data. iTrack can also be customized for each school.

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