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We are invested in your success, iTrack is a powerful tool that will allow your school or district to extract data at a faster rate.


What is iTrack?

iTrack is a practical and powerful tool for monitoring caseloads, collecting feedback, and capturing ongoing performance data. We provide success coaches, school administrators, graduation coaches, school districts, and support staff with the innovative tools they need to simplify performance tracking and increase overall efficiency.

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Simplify student performance
tracking with iTrack

Record and analyze academic performance data throughout your school or district. Our cloud-based school management system helps you capture interactions with students and stay in touch with your most at-risk learners.

Meet your school’s or district’s goals

Different schools have unique needs. Challenges can range from overwhelming information, poor tracking and monitoring, and failure to get a clear direction. iTrack can be customized to match your curriculum and tailored objectives.

Comprehensive school management features

Use our caseload management, student performance tracking, communication management, and generated reports to gain clear insights and stay on top of student performance metrics. When there is staff turnover iTrack will provide your new hire with valuable detailed information for each Student on their caseload.

Powerful analysis and reporting features

Whether you are reporting to a school administrator or analyzing your own student’s progress, iTrack provides fully customizable filters so you can make the most out of the data. Generate meaningful reports and compare key groups at the click of a button so you can know your school inside out.

All the tools you need in one place

Caseload Management

monitor caseloads in an easy, consistent way and actually see feedback and ongoing performance of students on a daily basis.

Who is Itrack For?

iTrack delivers the tools educators and coaches need to do their job better and make decisions from a data-informed perspective.

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Success Coaches

use our intuitive dashboard to create custom caseload profiles and store them in a central location for all data tracking.



effectively monitor caseloads via an easy-to-use interface and keep track of feedback and ongoing performance of students on a daily basis.

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Graduation Coaches

use our platform to gain insights on how each one of your students is progressing and thus cultivate better, more meaningful relationships.

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School Districts

track student data districtwide via a single user-centric, cloud-based dashboard.

Support Staff

retrieve records for each student and monitor data to make decisions that are accurate and meaningful.

iTrack is super-easy to use

iTrack is designed to help success coaches and educators maximize their time and effort. The system is incredibly intuitive and thus easy to use. More so, iTrack is based in the cloud so you can login from any location. Encryption and other safety mechanisms help keep your data safe. With iTrack, you have a practical, straightforward platform to track progress and pinpoint precisely where you need to focus your efforts.

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